Korean Hybrid Laser Treatment (Review)

If you have been following my instagram (@caleen) or snap chat (th3popcorngirl), you should probably be aware that I have been doing undergoing laser treatment in the hopes of improving my skin condition. As I am writing this post, I have just completed the second treatment of the Korean Hybrid Laser. My skin condtition improved by leaps and bounds- it actually looks and feels way better than before. Im really grateful for the opportunity to try out their laser treatment. Truthbe told, I am pretty skeptical with regards to facial treatments. I am rather particularly about the products I put on my face due to the sensitive nature of my skin which is also eczema prone. Let alone facials. Another reason was that I’ve heard and witnessed many failed facial treatments of my dear friends and online cases too. (I am quite the scaredy cat!) Anyway I decided to take a leap of faith this time round so my face was a virgin before I underwent the Korean Hybrid Laser Treatment (Haha!). Thankfully I am pleased with the results so far and this definitely opened doors for me to try other facial related treatment in the future 🙂

Anyway let me take you through my journey with The Aesthetics Clinic:

For my treatments, I went to The Aesthetics Clinic located at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club. They do have another branch at Paragon 🙂

The Aesthetics Clinic (TAC) was first established in 2005 to provide a plethora of aesthetics solutions by a panel of qualified and experienced doctors. TAC also ensures that their customers receive only the best and latest in the aesthetics field. Their doctors are constantly kept abreast of the latest equipments and procedures available through international medical forums. During my first consultation with Dr Francis Tjiang, I expressed my concerns with my skin and also questions about the treatment.

My main concerns were:

1. Tiny bumps on the sides of my face.

2. Complexion can be better. (lol)

3. Whether my sensitive, eczema prone skin is suitable for the Korean Hybrid Laser Treatment.

Dr Tjiang analyzed my skin and explained to me how this latest laser treatment can help address my top 2 concerns. As for pointer 3, since I am on long-term medication for my sensitive skin, my skin is pretty much under control. Dr Tjang suggested that I start with a low intensity treatment and reassured me that he will do a trial test on my forehead to test check if my skin can undergo the treatment. The treatment room. I was quite nervous as you can see from the picture above. It was my first time undergoing a procedure for my face and I have no idea what to expect. Before the treatment, Jeannie (aka the clinic assistant) removed all traces of makeup and cleansed the face thoroughly. I thought that she did a great job being gentle and attentive 🙂 After cleansing, Jeannie applied a layer of numbing cream and left it on for 15mins for it to take effect- my lips were numb after 10mins. After 15 mins, Jeannie tapped my face a few times to ensure that the numbing cream has taken effect. Dr Tjiang then proceeded with the laser treatment.

Being a first timer to laser, the new sensation on skin and sound of the vacuum did scared me (I didn’t know it was the sound of the vacuum initially, haha. However even having low pain tolerance, the treatment was bearable for me.

Before treatment picture. – red bumps on my cheeks and sides of my face – dull complexion Right after my first treatment picture. Dr Tjiang has reassured me that it’s a normal reaction of skin after treatment. Redness of skin actually indicates my skin is reacting the treatment. The redness after the first session had subsided 4-5 hours after the treatment. How the Korean Hybrid Laser Treatment works: The Korean Hybrid Laser Facial Treatment is a combination of Fractional CO2 Laser and Nd:YAG Laser Peel Treatment. The combination synergise the effects to achieve the potential “best” benefits from the two systems. The unique characteristics of such laser skin resurfacing allow more accurate and precise control over the treatment. The appropriate laser not only tightens the skin but also improves the appearance of lentigines, rhytides, skin texture, and a wide variety of scars. Cutaneous resurfacing such as the Nd:YAGLaser Peel treatment has achieved appreciable clinical results due to its less aggressive modalities for skin rejuvenation. Fractionating either laser distributes the effect, increasing the number of treatments but minimizing downtime. The laser treatment was based on studies that have shown that the ablative cutaneous injury induces a healing response, resulting in the deposition of a new skin matrix with improved characteristics. During this healing process, skin rejuvenation occurs by a proliferation of fibroblast activity, the action of inflammatory mediators, and a deposition of new collagen and other dermal matrix proteins. This skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment is well suited for all skin types and produces an effect that is perfectly graded to one’s expectations, while offering a degree of control and efficacy that allows for highly precise sculpting of the skin. Do take note that laser resurfacing is not a substitute for a facelift or blepharoplasty.

Above diagram taken from TAC’s website for your easy understanding on Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment.

Right after treatment, I was given antibiotics cream and Natura Bissé Post-laser Kit. Instructions on the application of antibiotics and skincare products was given by Jeannie. So 3-5days after my first treatment, unnoticeably my skin started to dry out smoothly – like a thin layer of dried up skin. Fret not, just spam the serum and moisturer! At that point of time, my skin was hungry for moisture. The cream was thoroughly within minutes. With proper instruction of product application, my skin is smooth and moist within 2 days. I had taken a few shameless selfless to show you my skin on the 6th – 10th day after my first treatment. Not trying to exaggerate but my skin was really good during my whole bangkok trip! All I need were moisture and concealer. Not only goodbye to bad skin days, the bumps at the side of my cheeks had also disappeared. I was really impressed with the results of the first treatment.

Second session of treatment Applying numbing cream after cleansing. For the second session, Dr Tjiang increased the intensity of the treatment to medium for more effect and applied a layer of carbon on my face to clear the leftover dead skin particles on my face from the first session. The pain for medium intensity was bearable and this time round I was less nervous than before since it was a procedure I’m familiar with by now. If I were to comment on the difference between light and medium intensity, I do feel an ant bite sensation near my lips area as the skin there tend to be more sensitive. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Took a video of the laser treatment for those who are interested in the process 🙂

Selfies after second session:   Skin without makeup. Not bad skin days as usual which is similar to the effects of the first session and if you notice my cheeks are slightly pinkish too (perhaps better blood regulation after the treatment?). Just in case the above details are insufficient, I have provided a mini common question asked list below: Who is suitable for this treatment? This face therapy is best suitable for clients who are facing pores, pimples and pigmentation problems. The skin rejuvenation process helps to improve overall skin texture, stimulate the production of new collagen, thus result in more lifted and radiant skin. We do not recommend clients that are experiencing ezcema problems to do the laser, however client may seek advice with our doctor. To avoid complications, pregnant ladies or breastfeeding mums are not advisable to do this treatment. Are the results permanent? The results should last around 1 -2 months, varies on different skin types. Any side effects and down-time from the laser? Clients will experience slight redness on skin after the laser. In the next few days, mild peeling will take place. In one week’s time, client will be able to see the optimal results of the laser. Can I apply make-up after the laser? Yes, however it is advisable to apply light make-up right after the laser. Normal make-up can be applied as usual the day after the treatment. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

The current price of the laser treatment is $88 for one session. For those who are interested in Natura Bissé products, just quote my name <CALEEN> to enjoy 20% off Natura Bissé retail products. For more information about the Natura Bissé Post-laser kit that I have tried, you may read it here.

For those who are interested in the laser treatment or have questions with regards to the treatment, you may visit their website or email info@tac.com.sg or call the clinic directly at 6316 5282 for more details. Do stay tune to my instagram account (@caleen) or snapchat (the3popcorngirl) for updates on my skin and my last treatment which will be due in July 🙂

Bangkok Food Guide

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

It had been a good 5-6 years since I was last in Bangkok (I am not counting my 2days BKK trip last year as a trip cause I didn’t get to do much due to the curfew that was enforced at that time). Anyway, I had the opportunity to head to Bangkok twice in May and I was pretty glad I did. I finally got to satisfy all my thai food and cafe hopping cravings. YAY! Just thought I should share my Bangkok itinerary since there were many requests.

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5 must visit cafes in Perth


It has been almost 3 months since I am back from Perth and I finally found time to blog about my cafe hopping experience there. Those around me often comment that I’m always in Australia..and there might be a tinge of truth to it.. Anyway this will serve as a good brunch(or cafes) guide for those are heading Perth.

For the cafes that I am going to introduce to you, I need to put out a disclaimer and straighten any expectations. Food and coffee in Perth cannot be compared to those in Melbourne or even Sydney for sure but they are the best I’ve had in Perth. Special thanks to my dear friends who are made to go to 2-3 cafes a day over our 10 day vacation..just so that I can produce this guide. Well, good calories are made to be shared but still..thank you my friends for following my strict food schedule whenever we’re overseas.

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Remembering Yew

It’s almost midnight and here I am contemplating if I should pen down these mixed emotions in me because to be honest, I know nuts about politics and didn’t want to write anything wrong since it is kind of sensitive. Truth be told, I didn’t expect myself to be affected and to feel so much for a person that I have never seen in the entire 26 years of life of my life though what I do know is that Singapore is safe cause he’s got our backs.

Drove to work with a heavy heart and listening to the local radios just made my heart sank further. The atmosphere at work, hawker centers which I frequent for lunch takeaways and even the petrol kiosk seem more dull today. It seemed as though everyone has lost a part of them. I couldn’t concentrate at work at all, my heart was numbed by the pain for reasons unbeknownst to me.  This pain resembled how I felt when I lost my grandma last year. But seriously, I don’t even know you well like how I do with my grandma, how can I even feel so much for a person that I don’t really know in person? All I know is that he is our first Prime Minister and he played a major role in Singapore’s history -_-||| (I know right, don’t judge me.)

So I decided to know more about our dear founding father. Social media made it easier since everyone is paying their tribute on Facebook and Instagram. Almost every Singaporean friends in my Facebook and Instagram shared something about him or articles regarding his life and Singapore. Since I can’t concentrate on work, might as well do something more constructive like reading up on our dear LKY right? (Sorry Boss!) And something caught my attention out of all the articles I read about him: The love story of Mr and Mrs Lee.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew is not only one of the greatest leader in the world but also one of the great lover of all time. Through the articles I read, I was deeply moved by his ability to love so deeply.

They met when they were in college and it was not love at first sight. From competitors, they gradually became lovers. A little like those love drama in the typical old days, the female’s parents came in between the love birds. But despite all obstacles, they managed to overcome it all through their faith. They secretly got married in England and it was quite a bold move considering the conservative mindsets of the people during that era. Since then, their lives intertwined and they spent three quarter of their lifetime together.


His wife’s life revolves around him and their children. She took care of every minute detail in his life and is the woman behind her successful husband. But things took a turn when she suffered her first stroke. He made an effort to make adjustments to his lifestyle despite his busy schedule. He took care of her complicated medication regime. And because she lost her left field of vision, he would sit on her left during meals, reminding her to finish the food on the left side of the plate. He would also meticulously pick up the food that her left hand dropped. He would also urged her to exercise by swimming daily and would measure her blood pressure several times in a day. Even though their daughter got them a watch-like device to measure blood pressure as she preferred having her husband measure her blood pressure.

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset

The second stroke left his wife bed-ridden. He sat by her bed, spending two hours telling her about his day and reading her favourite poems to her every night after work without fail. Since the poetry books were thick and heavy, he used a heavy-duty music stand to support the books. One of those night, he was drowsy and fell asleep while reading poetry to her. He slouched forward and hit his face against the metal-made music stand, suffering abrasions on his face. Despite this, he continued reading to her every night for the next two years till she passed on.

After her passing, he wrote a note to his three children saying – ” For the reasons of sentiment, I would like part of my ashes to be mixed up with Mama’s and both her ashes and mine put side by side in the columbarium. We were joined in life and I would like our ashes to be joined after this life.”

This reminds me of this quote:

”True love doesn’t mean inseparable, it just means nothing changes when life gets tougher.”

<Special thanks to my dear friend, Shanel, who helped to edit my post>