a summary of 2013.

yes, i am back blogging. kinda got the feeling to blog my feelings of 2013, hope i got this kinda feeling everyday so i can jot down my life for me to reflect when i am old… lets see!

many things happened in 2013…


1. i found an officially full-time job at a bank – finally working and contributing back to the family which i felt good and not useless anymore.

2. i baked a lot. i did stop baking during the peak period of my bank job but not long after, i resumed baking as i find baking is therapeutic and i am able to find peace.

3. personally, i felt Bakinginthewoods grew up a lot in 2013. from nothing to something. not saying we are really something but you can see our growth and difference if you really trace back! we had constantly improvising the recipes and creating new flavors for our customers. we started from a salted caramel cheesecake to a almost full-fledged catering menu. from individual cake orders to dessert table and event setup. our logo kept changing too, hopefully we can settle down for an ideal design for name cards and future printings. from weekly emails to daily emails and invitation for collaborations. it was really our honor to receive invitation and to know you want us to be part of your event. i am sorry that i had to reject some due to our peak season and wrong timing. our cry goodies which are a hit last year and this year, we launched a new pineapple tart flavor – the cheese pineapple tarts which was a HIT, received a lot of praises for that *happy beams* i hope in the year of 2014, we can do more dessert tables and bring it to another higher level.

4. managed to travel quite abit in 2013. hong kong twice, KL twice, penang twice, ipoh twice, tioman, koh samui & taiwan.

5. quitted my bank job.

6. discovered how much i treasure time alone and personal space. when i was so busy and stressed out with work, i yearned to have some time alone to clear my mind & now i am enjoying my time a lot as much as i can before i am busy again.

7. guilty as charged, i haven attend church for so long.

anyway just wanna share some pictures of a beautiful wedding dessert table i did.

image-51 image-43 image-45 photo-2 image-50 image-49 image-48 image-47 image-46

for a fairytale theme, the couple ordered 200 cupcakes (red velvet, passionfruit meringue cup pies, earl grey lavender cupcakes, banana chocolate and vanilla cupcakes)

some of my satisfying creations in 2013:

image-22 Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

haha, a little lazy to upload the rest to my lappy.

shall post it again another day. it’s freaking 3.14am *yawns* & i need to sleep now.