8 Korean BBQ (Review)

The Best BBQ Pork Belly I ever eaten in Singapore!

8 Korean BBQ was established in 2013 and originated from LA’s Koreatown. Definitely not your usual kind of Korean buffet BBQ joints as they serve Mangalica pork! Mangalica is considered as the Kobe beef of pork, one of the highest grades of pork in the world .


The above is their 8 Colours Set Version 2.0 which features new flavours on a sweeter note, in order of lightness to heaviest tastes:

Original, Pine, Green Tea, Yucha, Plum, Blackberry, Honey Ginger, Kalbi. Our most popular flavours out of these are the Yucha, Honey Ginger and Kalbi.

Their original set includes flavours like Wine, Original, Ginseng, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso  & their popular favourite Red Pepper Paste.

The Curry, Miso and Red Pepper Paste sounds so tempting! Shall try it next time round 🙂 This calls for a visit soon! Heh…

The meat was much tastier than your usual pork belly and the fats boast a silky texture. – because it’s Mangalica pork! 

The person-in-charge also mentioned that the fats is as healthy as pure virgin oil (probably the healthiest BBQ meal I’ve had). 


Still can’t believe it. Maybe I heard wrongly… Hmm

Mangalica pork, you are so UN UN UN BELIEVABLE DELICIOUS yo!

The purpose of the clear sheet above that’s used to cover the meat was to prevent the oil from splattering btw.

The set above also comes with a Seafood Bean Paste Stew.  It’s a traditional Korean dish that most mothers make for meal times. The Seafood Bean Paste Stew is chock full with prawns, calamari rings, clams and mussels with cabbage, onions and of course their homemade stew base. This standard stew comes with every set but diners can choose from 6 different varieties with Seafood Soft Tofu Stew & Army Stew requiring a $6 top up.

& did I mention about the kimchi? Have you ever tried sizzling hot kimchi before?

*cold kimchi can step aside and make way for sizzling hot kimchi now*

Such a brilliant idea to cook the pork and kimchi on a slightly tilted BBQ pan.The excess oil from the pork bellies flow down to the kimchi and the char taste add the extra oomph to the kimchi.

The 8 Colour Sets are priced at $98. They also have the 4 Colour Set that is good for 2 pax at $58. Every meal at 8 is accompanied with banchan (Korean side dishes).
This place definitely outshined all the Korean BBQ joints I have tried till date. You just need to try it if you met either one of the criteria stated below:

  1. You have an absolute love for Korean BBQ food
  2. You love to eat pork belly
  3. All of above

In conclusion, try it!

P.S: This is not a sponsored post ok! Good stuffs must share right? Hehe


  1. Cherry (8 Korean BBQ) says:

    Hi Caleen!

    Thanks for the post, really appreciate your kind words for us 🙂

    Our mangalitsa fats are as pure as olive oil and yes, you did have the healthiest Korean BBQ meal with us hahahah. We hope to see you with us again ^^

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