Bangkok Food Guide

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It had been a good 5-6 years since I was last in Bangkok (I am not counting my 2days BKK trip last year as a trip cause I didn’t get to do much due to the curfew that was enforced at that time). Anyway, I had the opportunity to head to Bangkok twice in May and I was pretty glad I did. I finally got to satisfy all my thai food and cafe hopping cravings. YAY! Just thought I should share my Bangkok itinerary since there were many requests.


To many, Pratunam is a shopping paradise but to me it’s a place to get my wanton noodles and stew pork rice cravings satisfied at SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles. It’s definitely true that it serves one of the best wanton noodles in Bangkok I believe its due to the use of lard and a mixture of the perfect seasoning (but also the most expensive wanton noodles in terms of street food pricing and portion size). It is so good that I can down 2 bowls myself! The  picture above is their special wanton noodles which is slightly bigger than their standard portion and it comes with crabmeat. I think their standard wanton noodles is good enough though.      If you love stewed pork, it will be a absolute sin not to try their stewed pork with intestines. Trust me, it is a must try!

SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles

Address: 4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok

Opening Hours: 9am – 4pm Daily

Next to the famous  SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles, there is an ice-cream stall worth trying if the queue for the wanton noodles is a little too long and the weather is unbearable. The texture of the ice-cream resembles froyo and you get to choose between coconut, mango or mix. I can’t remember the name of the stall but it is pretty easy to spot if you are interested.

If you are up early and SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles is not yet open, you can get really good street food at Pratunam Market too.

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You can’t go wrong with stewed pork with rice in Bangkok although SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles has the best version  for sure 🙂 Always a good idea to start the day with nice fish ball noodles soup. The broth here is so tasty!


The best way to understand the food culture in Bangkok is to eat where the local eat and that includes plenty of street food. Sukhumvit Soi 38 will definitely be a top choice for a good variety of street food. Food to look out for are their grilled meat/seafood, mango with sticky rice, wanton noodles and Daniel Thaiger food truck which serves delicious pork burgers (value for the money too!). Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset             

Sukhumvit Soi 38

Address: Thonglor BTS Exit 4

Opening Hours: 6.30pm till late

There are many mango sticky rice stalls in Sukhumvit Soi 38 but the so-called BEST MANGO STICKY RICE is actually opposite the street which is around 5-10mins walk. You know you are there once you see mountains of mangoes and a huge mango hanging outside the shop. Btw Maevaree is 24 hours!   The mango is so sweet and good. It’s true when they say “when in bangkok, eat lots of mango!”.


Address: 1 Soi Thong Lor Road, Sukhumvit Soi 55, Klongtunnua Wattana

Opening Hours: 24hours

Further down from Maevaree (opposite the road), there is a bistro bar serving modern thai fusion food. Not game for the street food at Sukhumvit Soi 38? Try Soul Food Mahanakorn, it is almost the same or even better? Just for your information, this bistro received many good reviews around the world.            Love how they balance the flavors and incorporates combination of textures in every dish. Can’t really decide which is my favorite dish in Soul Food Mahanakorn but if you ask me what to try, it must be their Burmese Pork Belly Curry, Crispy Morning Glory Salad and Southern Thai Fried Chicken.

Soul Food Mahanakorn

Address: 56/10 Sukhumvit Soi 55, Bangkok

Opening Hours: 5.30pm – 12 midnight

The number one dessert place that always come to my mind have to be After You Dessert Cafe. It is a must eat place for my both Bangkok trips. It is very convenient to find After You Dessert Cafe since they have expanded to a total of 10 branches now? The picture below is After You Dessert Cafe at J Avenue which is the only cafe opening till 12 midnight.         I still love the original Shibuya Honey Toast best but their matcha ice-cream which comes with their Matcha Honey Toast is very addictive too.

After You Dessert Cafe

Address: J Avenue, Thonglor 13

Opening Hours: 11am – 12 midnight

If you are around Thonglor area in the day, you need to try my all-time favorite cafe Roast! They serve one of the best brunches in Bangkok, it resembles PS cafe which we have Singapore (safe & good). How to start your day sinful? Order their Banana Pancakes with Butterscotch and Peanut Butter Icecream. Sinful but yummy!    This is how you brunch with 4 hungry girls :p     Really love how light and refreshing this Strawberry Waffle is in comparison with their Banana Pancakes.   One of our friends recommended us this dish called Huevos Rancheros consisting of tomatoes, baked eggs and chorizos. This is definitely one of the highlights of our brunch!       I think I have found my favorite drink in Roast. When in Roast, drink their Roast Iced Tea.  Corned Beef Hash, my kind of comfort food for breakfast.


Address: Seenspace, Thonglor 13

Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm (Mon-Thu)

9am – 11pm (Fri- Sat)

9am – 10pm (Sun)

Found this beautiful place to chill while walking from ISAO to J avenue.  If only the weather was more forgiving, I would really like to chill at this cafe. Anyway am I the only one that noticed Thais don’t sweat like how we foreigners do? (Why Singapore don’t have such places one?! Humpf) Anyway this place is definitely on my to-go list for my next Bangkok trip!

Spring Summer

Address: 199 Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Daily 11am-2:30pm & 5pm-11pm


When I first read the reviews of this Japanese fusion restaurant, I secretly chuckled and thought at the back of my mind how can a Japanese restaurant be that good in Bangkok. After trying it during my second visit, I will gladly eat my words. Japanese food lovers out there, please visit ISAO for their interesting japanese fusion rolls!     One of the must try in ISAO – Sushi Sandwich. Lightly crisped rice with marinated sashimi in between. SO FREAKING GOOD.  My friends and I managed to try most of the dishes in ISAO so we can safely tell you what’s really good here. You definitely don’t want to miss out their signature roll, Jackie that coincidentally look like a cute caterpillar too. Jackie is made up with shrimps, tempura, fish roes and avocado, the explosion of flavor in your mouth with each bite is amazing. Order it.Next interesting dish to order in ISAO is this (above). I can’t remember the name of the dish but it was a delightful combination of sweet and savory.  


Address: 5 Sukhumvit 31, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana

Opening Hours: (Mon-Sat) 11am- 2.30pm & 5.30pm- 10pm

Just right outside the BTS of Phrom Phong, there are a lot of street food to indulge in. Remember to eat! When hostel, florist shop and cafe combined as one…              A nice place to chill and soak up the good vibes. Coffee, flowers and hippy architecture, how can a girl say no to this place? If there is a chance, I would really like to stay at their One Day hostel too. It looks like the kind of place I dig.

One Day at Casa Lapin x26

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 26, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Daily 7:30am-10pm

And the most beautiful cafe award goes to …… Karmakamet Diner!           I thought this plate of chili crab pasta hit all the right notes for me. It was a little spicy but tolerable. Oh and they are really generous with the crab meat!Other than the pretty cotton candy on top of the desserts for instagram shots, I think you can give a miss to their sweets. Nothing really fantastic. Try their main course, it is way better. Remember to take a tour of their scent shop which they are known for.

Karmakamet Diner

Address: 30/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Daily 9am-11pm

A new shopping mall called EmQuartier recently opened its doors. You can find many big brands and cafes there.  It is like a house of almost everything even Pierre Hermes Macarons!!!! Anyway even before my trip, I was thrilled to find out that Emack and Bolio’s Icecream (Famous ice-cream chain shop in the US) is available in Bangkok. Emack and Bolio’s in Bangkok is known for their stacks of ice-cream. It would be a sin if I left the shop with only 2 scoops of ice-cream when the person in front of me ordered 5 scoops right?

Emack and Bolio’s EmQuartier

Address: EmQuartier, Helix Zone 7th Floor

Opening Hours: Daily 10am-9.30pm


Some said Ekkamai is the new Thonglor because of the increasing number of new cafes here. Aside from cafes, my favorite beef noodles soup shop is located at Ekkamai. Like I said, the best way to start my Bangkok morning is a hearty bowl of noodles soup.      It comes in 2 versions: Dry and Soup.As for me, it is always soup with kway teow without bean sprouts (very important). LOL  There is nothing I won’t  do for this bowl of tasty beef broth and tender meat slices even if it meant sweating like a pig while eating this goodness!

Wattana Panich

Address: 336 – 338 Soi Ekkamai (Soi Sukhumvit 63), Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Daily 10am-9pm

Just 10 mins walk from my favorite beef noodles shop and here you are at (Un)fashion Cafe. All instagram lovers are going to love this cafe because almost every spot inside or outside the cafe is photogenic. Trust me!          

This two-story boutique cafe serves pretty good coffee and other beverage. Waffle wise, it was average to me. Nevertheless it is a nice cafe to chill, enjoy a cuppa and take lots of pictures 🙂

(Un)fashion Cafe

Address: Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok
Opening Hours: Daily 12noon – 9pm

Another nice cafe to chill the hot afternoon away in this land of smiles is definitely Fill in the Blank which is located in Ekkamai. You might need to pull up google maps to locate this cafe as it is not very conspicuous. Anyway this english country style cafe sells drinks, desserts and TABLEWARES (something like a lifestyle shop).

                      Order their Fill’s Signature which is a hot latte with whipped cream and salted caramel blondie. The latte was a little blend for me (maybe it needed an extra shot for me) but the combination is actually pretty interesting.    Love their drinks here like the iced chayen and iced sparkling juice. 

They do serve brunch now. I had a heavy lunch before this cafe hence I only ordered drinks. You might want to give their food and dessert a try too if it look good.

Fill in the Blank

Address: 28/10 Sukhumvit Soi 61, Bangkok
Opening Hours: (Mon-Fri) 9am – 9pm

                           (Sat-Sun) 8am – 8pm


Sick of cafes? Try this old school coffeeshop for some traditional Thai-American breakfast that has been around for more than 80 years. This is also the place that sent me right up to the kaya heaven. BEST KAYA EVER!      The portion here is pretty small so don’t worry about over-ordering. Other than their kaya with soft pillow like bread, I personally love their french toast (fragrance and pan-fried to perfection) too.

Did I mention this place is also pocket-friendly?

On Lok Yun

Address: 72 Charoen Krung Rd., Bangkok
Opening Hours: Daily 6am – 4pm

Looking for cheap and value for money seafood? T&K Seafood is the place to go. My boyfriend and I ordered the following feast below for only around 50 plus sgd?A huge steamed fish, morning glory, grilled prawns, fish maw, vermicelli with prawns and stir-fried squid with curry powder (an uniquely thai dish).    

A perfect place to pig out without burning a hole in your pocket.

T&K Seafood

Address: 49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Road, Chinatown, Bangkok
Opening Hours: Daily 6pm – 2am

For those who have been to Bangkok countless of times but not been to Jay Fai… Shame on you. If you’ve not been to Jay Fai, you haven really been in Bangkok. One of the best zichar I ever had and the wok hei is simply mind-blowing. 2 must order dishes if you are visiting Jay Fai: Drunken Noodles and Crab Omelette. Also to set the expectation right, the food here is not cheap like street food style.Can you believe this lady is 70 years old? Look for this lady and you know you are at the right place. Just in between the famous Tip Samai and Tee Yen Ta Fo (4) roadside street stall which I have mentioned below.  The famous crab omelette (around $30 – $40 sgd) because they had stuffed two whole peeled crab inside the omelette!!!

This dish was so good that my self-proclaimed king of zichar (malaysian style) boyfriend approves this place and actually requested to come back for more of this goodness. Seriously no wok hei can beat this.  Some people might think this place is a little expensive but for all foodies, this place is definitely worth a try of a lifetime.

Jay Fai

Address: 327 Mahachai Road, Bangkok
Opening Hours: (Tue- Sun) 3pm – 2am

Every visit to Bangkok, it is almost a must to visit the food stretch of the Mahachai road with Tip Samai, Jay Fai and Tee Yen Ta Fo (4) almost side by side each other. This place has the so called Best Phad Thai in Bangkok. To me, it is a little towards the sweet side with strong prawn broth flavor but my boyfriend loved it so much.  For first timers, you can try the original phad thai without the egg wrap (not so sweet and without prawn broth flavour) and their signature phad thai with the egg wrap.

Tip Samai

Address: 313 Maha Chai Road, Bangkok
Opening Hours: Daily 5.30pm – 1.30am

For me, it is definitely a must to visit Tee Yen Ta Fo (4) whenever I am in Bangkok. I need my dose of their Stewed Pork Noodles and Tom Yum Noodles with crispy pork strips. Brought the girls over to this stall during my second trip and they fell in love with it too.               

Must try dishes for this roadside stall are Tom Yum Noodles, Lemongrass Noodles, Stew Pork Noodles & the Crispy Pork. Just eat them and you will know why it is my must-go place whenever I am in Bangkok.

Tee Yen Ta Fo (4)

Address: Bamrungmuamg rd. (Samran Rat), Wang Burapha Phirom, Bangkok
Opening Hours: Evening till late


The first food that comes to my mind when I am in Victory Monument is boat noodles. I have read many reviews and they recommended Victory Monument for the best boat noodles. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find the Best of the Boat Noodles shop and settled for others. We didn’t really like the boat noodles here so I won’t be sharing the address of this place. I wish you the best of luck in searching for the best boat noodles in Victory Monument.        


Mo Chit is the BTS for all Singaporean’s favorite shopping heaven – Chatuchak Weekend Market and when in Chatuchak, eat chicken noodles soup!            The chicken rice here is pretty good too. The chicken is tender and the rice is oily and fragrant.   Some interesting events happening in Chatuchak. The makeup of ghosts/zombies are so thai-style. haha! Although I didn’t have a good experience with boat noodles during my first visit at Victory Monument, I had a pretty decent bowl at the Chatuchak Market.       

Another must-try here is their coconut ice-cream! Remember, the best coconut ice-cream is the one with the flag above!

Opened by a le cordon bleu graduate, Waft Me serves brunch, pastries and waffle burgers aka “Wafger”. It is a 15mins drive from Chaktuchak.         Interesting waffle concept I must say. You can personalize your own wafger or pick their wafger of the month which I did – Mango & Coconut Wafger. P.S: The waffles can be better.

A decent plate of carbonara.

Waft Me

Address: Chaeng Watthana Soi 29, Bangkok
Opening Hours: (Mon-Fri) 8am-9pm
                           (Sat-Sun) 9am-10pm

2 Spoons Tale is a cafe cum zakka lifestyle shop which is a 5 min drive away from Waft Me and famous for their 3D latte art.

I had a great time shopping for my wooden tablewares and sipping my cute little bears away 🙂

2 Spoons Tale

Address: 55/626 Sukhothai Ave 99, Chaeng Watthana Soi 33, Bangkok
Opening Hours: (Tue-Fri) 12noon-8pm
                           (Sat-Sun) 11am-8pm


I can’t tell you how much I love food trucking culture and was ecstatic to find one kinfolk-like food truck here in Bangkok. Summer Street sells freshly grilled seafood with a wide selection of beers and ciders.

               I know the idea of grilling food in this weather is crazy but the good vibes and beer helps to cut the heat.

Biggest oyster ever (below). Don’t say I never warn you.                           

Summer Street

Address: Phahon Yothin Soi 2 (Ari), Bangkok
Opening Hours: (Mon-Sat) 4pm-11pm

Somewhere between Thonglor and Phrom Phong

Looking for a pretty Scandinavian looking cafe that serves brunch and cocktail? Rocket 40 Coffeebar must be the cafe you are looking for.                 Ichigo plated desserts that was highly raved but my friends and I thought it was pretty average.  

This dish was pretty good though! Chilled Frittata Antipasti with spinach and mushrooms on ciabatta with ricotta, saffron aioli, truffle and rockets.

Rocket 49 Coffeebar

Address: 1/F Grease building, Piman 49, Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok
Opening Hours: Daily 7am-11pm

Somewhere further….   

The Bloc is the first container community mall with cafes, lifestyle shop and an ice parlor. When I saw the pictures of this place, I knew I need to pay a visit to this lovely place.

                 Simple Day serves pretty good ice-cream with flavors you don’t see in your usual ice-cream shop.

Really loved the combination of melon and tokyo banana. If you have a chance to be there, remember to try their ice-cream or the combination I suggested.

(Note: Take a cab from your hotel with the help of the reception will be much easier!)

The Bloc

Address: 94 Ratchapruk Road, Bangkok
Opening Hours: Daily 10am-12 midnight


I have a habit of visiting the convenience stalls whenever I am traveling to search for any interesting snacks that I can’t find in Singapore.

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Just look at the range of meiji milk they have!Another interesting find from 7-Eleven in Thailand, the basil chicken/pork from the convenience can be really good! #cheapthrill

Hope my food guide above helps 🙂

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