Bangkok Food Guide

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It had been a good 5-6 years since I was last in Bangkok (I am not counting my 2days BKK trip last year as a trip cause I didn’t get to do much due to the curfew that was enforced at that time). Anyway, I had the opportunity to head to Bangkok twice in May and I was pretty glad I did. I finally got to satisfy all my thai food and cafe hopping cravings. YAY! Just thought I should share my Bangkok itinerary since there were many requests.

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5 must visit cafes in Perth


It has been almost 3 months since I am back from Perth and I finally found time to blog about my cafe hopping experience there. Those around me often comment that I’m always in Australia..and there might be a tinge of truth to it.. Anyway this will serve as a good brunch(or cafes) guide for those are heading Perth.

For the cafes that I am going to introduce to you, I need to put out a disclaimer and straighten any expectations. Food and coffee in Perth cannot be compared to those in Melbourne or even Sydney for sure but they are the best I’ve had in Perth. Special thanks to my dear friends who are made to go to 2-3 cafes a day over our 10 day vacation..just so that I can produce this guide. Well, good calories are made to be shared but still..thank you my friends for following my strict food schedule whenever we’re overseas.

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the wanton noodles war (Part I)

Where do u usually go to get your wanton mee fix?

the famous feifei wanton mee or ……

old airport road wanton mee?

In my humble opinion, after trying so many wanton mee stalls in my life, i have summarized & concluded my favourite top 3 wanton noodles stall in singapore.

& today, i am going to reveal one of the top three stalls.


Got to know this stall through a friend i made from Instagram (follow me at @caleen). I had noticed something wasn’t right when this instagram-made-friend has been “instagramming” this wanton mee stall for god knows so many times. So I told myself that i need to try it & like the typical storyline ” i fell in love with them at the first sight & lived happily ever after.”

Can’t wait to dig in!

For this stall, their noodles are different from feifei wanton noodles. More like the hongkong style wanton noodles & i LOVE it.

I used to to eat wanton noodles with less chili but recently i fell in love with wanton noodles with black sauce. Their wanton noodles with chili is good but i love their wanton noodles with black sauce more. hehe… For my wanton noodles, i would always tell the uncle preparing to add more black sauce & it just makes ur body wiggle with joy after u had ur first spoon of goodness.


Choon Guan Coffee Shop (Beside the famous Old Airport Road Hawker Center)

(Sorry, i couldn’t find much details on their address or opening hours but i think they do not do night business if i am not wrong.)

so please go there & try their awesomelicious wanton mee soon!

Next will be posting the stall that i visit the most frequent out of the three 🙂

stay tuned, my beloved wanton mee lover friends/readers/or whoever you are…. i will see u soon.

*it’s only the beginning…*

Happy Birthday Habitat Coffee!

Time flies, as cheesy as it sounds, but that’s the truth. 1 year ago, i was working with Ryan, boss of Habitat Coffee, when the cafe just started off. A new cafe started off & a new friendship found. I could still remember those days when we worked till 11pm, so tiring yet happy. So happy that Ryan had successfully opened his cafe, things doing well for him & have inspired me to work towards my dream cafe.

anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY habitat coffee! 🙂

my favorite hazelnut latte, hot & cold version.

& ryan, those cookies were delish! regretted that i didn’t take more home 🙁

Ryan’s latest creation, Truffle Egg Toast with Bacons! oh my, it was good! Can’t wait for him to launch this on the menu! nom nom nom…

Happy Food, Happy Tum!

on the side note, i am flying to sydney tonight :D:D:D

i am not going to bring my macbook so follow me at instagram ”caleen” for some quick square-bites food/me/cafes/view snapshots :p